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Holiday Parties

Rita's Catering award winning chefs & experienced production staff allows Rita to cater to a full gamut of Holiday & Company parties in San Diego and El Cajon areas.


Catering for Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year’s Eve Parties, Fourth of July, Easter, Passover, Hanukkah & St. Patrick's Day are some of those special times of the year when all of the San Diego County gets into party mode.  By choosing Rita's Catering you will be able to treat your guests to the very best in holiday food & services.

We offer an amazing array of cost effective buffet food, upscale plated meals and just about everything in between. Our catering service provides all the food prep, service and clean up after your meal, if that’s what you want.

We will feed last minute working sessions, Summer Parties and will cook up your themed conference. In this vast city, we understand the power of your network – our corporate event team will dazzle your launch parties, events, happy hours and holiday parties with distinctive charm.

Call or text us at 619-997-4044. To ensure our availability, use our short Catering Inquiry Form. You may prefer to email Rita's Catering with any questions you may have regarding holiday & event catering.

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